Solasus Billing Policy

Solasus provides Email Billing Reminders to all of our customers. Reminders are sent 10 days before the account becomes due (unless client has specified other billing reminder prefernces in their account settings). These reminders reflect amounts which are currently due (current statement) as well as items which will become due in the near future.

The account due date is set when the first product is purchased from Solasus. All subsequent purchases (with the exception of Overage Charges & Domain Renewals) are added to the account and prorated to match the original billing date. Overages (charges for Bandwidth & Database Space that occur throughout the month regardless of the account due date) & Domain Renewals must be paid within 10 days of being posted to the account. A 10 day billing reminder will be sent for any additional charges which do not coincide with the standard account due date.

Services are suspended at 12pm PST on the day following the due date if not paid.

Key Points

  • Account due dates coincide with original (first) purchase from Solasus.
  • Customers of Solasus resellers (2nd level accounts) will have due dates based on the date in which they first purchased services from a Solasus reseller, if the Solasus reseller has enabled prorates on their product offers.
  • All subsequent purchases regardless of purchase date are pro-rated to match the original purchase date with the exception of Overages (Bandwidth & Database) and Domain Renewals. Pro-ration occurs on the 2nd month's bill.
  • Billing Reminders are sent to the Billing Contact listed in your online account manager.
  • A Billing Reminder sent 1 day before the due date.
  • Accounts which are set up for Auto-Payment will have monthly total charged 5 days before the account due date. The 5 day window is provided to correct any errors which arise from expired credit cards, etc.
  • Confirmation and failure notices for auto-payments are sent to the billing contact for notification purposes.
  • Solasus accounts are automatically polled at 12:00pm PST the day following the due date at which time unpaid services are automatically suspended.

Additional Billing Information

In order to add new services to your Solasus account, each customer must carry a balance large enough to purchase the needed service, or must pay at the time of purchase. (All services are pre-paid)

  • Auto-Payment (using credit card or bank check) is the most efficient method of payment.
  • Should an auto-payment decline, Solasus will attempt to re-charge the card on file every day thereafter until it either succeeds or another credit card is specified. Customers will receive notification each time an attempt is made.
  • Dedicated Servers which are overdue for more than 10 days will be deleted and the data will no longer be accessible to the customer.
  • Dedicated Servers or Websites with unresolved Abuse or AUP matters which are not responded to within 10 days will be considered abandoned and will be deleted from the offending account.
  • Suspended services are reactivated only after receipt of payment in full.
  • Billing account information is available 24 hours a day through your online account manager,
  • Entire Server Clusters are suspended if any 1 item in the Cluster is unpaid.
  • Solasus does not offer physical billing invoices at this time. All billing messages are provided via email.

Payment Methods

  • Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  • PayPal – must use PayPal tool located within
  • Check – please mail check to 120 Defreest Dr., Troy, NY 12180