Website Development & Design

Creative Solutions / Intelligent Applications

It's a fact of life - you need a website. But just don't settle for "any old" website. Your website should reflect your core values, business strategy & goals, engage your visitors, and deliver results. We will take a more holistic approach to meet the needs of your website project and/or custom application - starting with the initial concepts, to honing the brand & identity, and then delivering a website or application that will perform beyond expectations. We are a results driven company. Therefore our design process is extremely sales-minded and owner-centric. We also promise to focus on cost savings before, during, and after your project is launched. Combining these elements along with well over a decade in the industry is part of what helps distinguish Solasus from the crowd.

Proactive Project Leadership

From the very start to long after your project has completed, we are there to help guide you down the path. Our process usually flows like this.

  • We'll first sit down together assess your needs & pains and then map out your vision and the related requirements.
  • Our strategy team will then create a proposal which will include costs and timelines - often this is done on the spot.
  • Then we get to work creating your online home: designing your website and/or building out your project. Along the way there are usually several review points and milestones for you to make sure that everything is on track.
  • We often have a short "beta" period and then launch your website!!!
  • It doesn't stop there... We will continue to monitor your site's performance and routinely check-in with you regarding recommendations and occasionally just to say "Hi" and make sure you're happy.

This is just one of the key differences that sets us light years apart from the competition. We've built our business with the sole focus on the fact that we can not succeed unless you do - and we approach every project with that in mind.

Behind the Curtain - The Talent

Having access to some of the best talent on the planet is truly incredible. Some companies hire overseas to cut costs which ultimately leads to inferior products and services. We've taken a different approach - we are continually searching for the best and the brightest. Sometimes we get lucky and they're right here in our own backyard other times we need to dig a bit further. Therefore we've developed global teams of professionals who are coordinated via a proprietary project management system. This approach has several benefits to you, the client:

  • Lower cost: not having 100,000 sq ft. of office space has it's advantages
  • Speed to launch: in some cases we run a 24hr development cycle
  • Access to the best talent: need we say more...?

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