Global Datacenters

Solasus' Global Reach

Solasus has six state-of–the art Datacenters locally in San Diego, California. In addition, we have strategically rolled out 2 other Datacenters located within the United States and around the world, to provide customers with the highest level website and data hosting, with both physical and cyber security systems. Customers can enjoy the benefits of geographical load balancing by serving their data from the datacenter physically closest to their clients. Redundant back-up power generators, environmental controls with 24-7 monitoring protects mission-critical data. A comprehensive range of services – from CloudVPD “Virtual Private Datacenters” or “Cloud On-Demand” are offered at each datacenter.

San Diego Location

From 1997 to 2008, Solasus (with CariNet) has purchased, built, and retrofitted 6 production Datacenter facilities in San Diego, California. Now known as the CariNet Campus, this collection of facilities was purchased in 2006 as a clear statement to our customers that we are long-term players in the Datacenter and hosting market. The 2004 purchase of one of the region’s best Carrier-Grade data facilities was an initial triumph for the company.

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Germany Location

Solasus has created a strategic partnership with E-shelter to deploy VPD “Virtual Private Datacenters” or “Cloud On-Demand” offerings at each datacenter. E-Shelter has built a datacenter environment in Berlin, Germany that provides the highest levels of physical security and operational reliability through state-of-the-art redundant systems, and an integrated facility management infrastructure.

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