Search Engine Marketing

Web Property Management: Getting ranked highly in search engine results pages (SERPS) is the goal!

There are a lot of factors involved in getting ranked - but the main one is link popularity. Think of it as a popularity contest. The more high quality websites you have linking to your web page, the more popular the search engine will think you are. Our plans are designed to get you the best high quality links on the all the websites the Google loves.

Here's what we do for each keyword you want to dominate

For every keyword you want us to rank for you, we'll start out by building up to 5 Web 2.0 properties per month. We pick the HOTTEST properties that Google is showing the love to which will get your site ranked fast.

Our teams of professional writers will create the best content for each property and your prospects will thank you for it. You will be controlling the conversation in your market and that's what this is all about.

It doesn't stop there. Each month we build additional new properties for each keyword, with fresh content to keep the conversation rolling. This part is crucial because it gives you new back links and MORE domination of your market.

This step is nearly impossible for anyone to do by himself or herself. (Think about it, that's a whole lot of writing and site building.)

Next, we do all the work to get you dominating and keep you ranked

  • We create all the high quality, one-way back links pointing to your properties.
  • We handle all the time consuming bookmarking for you.
  • We ping all your properties every time we add fresh content for you.
  • We handle all your RSS feeds.
  • We do all of the article submissions for you, AND we even write the articles for you!
  • We create videos for each domain and submit them for you to all the video search engines!

Then, we'll unleash some "under the radar" tactics to give your campaign some extra mojo. Because they are so cutting edge, hardly anyone knows about them and we're constantly reinventing the process. Everything done is ethical and completely "white-hat". Read our SEO Ethics page to see how we've adopted and live by industry standard best practices.