Solasus Opt-In Standards

Confirmed Opt-In (also known as Double Opt-in), is the only method we allow for the e-mail lists operated by our customers at Solasus. To better explain why we require this, it should should be explained what Opt-In and Confirmed Opt-In mean.


An opt-in list is such that a user adds his name to a list by entering his e-mail address into the system, whether through a form on a webpage or entry into a contest or some other method. After his address is entered, the user is signed up to recieve e-mails from the list operator. This method is not secure, however, as any rogue user can add as many e-mail addresses into the list as he or she wishes, effectively spamming the recipients of the bulk e-mail. For this reason, we do not allow singe opt-in lists.

Confirmed Opt-In:

This method of adding users begins just as the previous: a user enters his e-mail address into the list operator's system. However, instead of immediate mailings being sent out, the e-mail list software sends out a confirmation message, asking for the user to confirm his addition to the list. If the user replies to that message, from the e-mail address that was signed up, he will be subscribed to the list. If the user does not reply to that message, he will recieve no further mailings at all. This method drastically reduces the number of unwanted e-mails being sent to unhappy recipients, and that is why we require it for all e-mail lists operated by our customers.

These methods help keep our networks and the entire Internet spam-free, and we hope you find them to be agreeable. If you have any questions regarding these policies, feel free to contact us and ask about them. We'll be happy to point you in the right direction for information on converting your list to confirmed opt-in.