Solasus Security Policies

Security is an important part of your Internet-based business, and it is important that our customers understand the security policies we apply to the servers at Solasus. Every server our customers sign up for is built using our latest operating system builds, and contain the latest vendor-supplied patches.

However, as we do not maintain control over the actual operating system, we do not claim responsibility for our customer's servers. Keeping the security of a server up-to-date is a continuing task, and is the responsibility of the customer.

While our builds provide the initial security to keep your company secure, new security problems arise with all server types every day, and we cannot maintain the security of all of the systems operated by our customers. The only exception to this case is servers that are directly maintained by our company, such as the servers that host Cobalt Web Sites, and also the iBizPanel, to which the customer does not have shell access. Solasus will maintain the security on these systems.

In the event of a system compromise on a host we are not maintaining, it is the responsibility of the customer to back-up his data and contact us to take action. Our policy is to immediately re-install any compromised servers on our network, as they pose a threat to all of our systems. We can perform a re-install for a $50 consulting fee. The typical downtime during one of these re-installs is about ten minutes.

IRC activity

We discourage IRC activity on the Solasus network because it attracts network attacks far more than any other activity. If your server is attacked or is used to attack other hosts – and is found to be running IRC, Solasus may disconnect your IRC server and require you to supply a $500 security deposit to cover costs associated with future network attacks. At the end of your term of service with Solasus (or if you discontinue IRC activity), we will refund the deposit if there have been no network attack incidents. Contact us for details on how to make this payment.