Solasus Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Solasus's Service Level Agreement covers server hardware & operating systems, power, bandwidth, support, & networking.

Under this Service Level Agreement Solasus will provide:

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee on all dedicated servers each calendar year.

Included in this guarantee is our promise of reliable power and facilities, reliable bandwidth and connectivity, reliable hardware and equipment support & replacements when needed, and reliable and responsive customer service.

  • Hardware Replacement – Solasus stocks a large variety of server hardware to ensure that emergency replacements happen in a timely manner. Hardware replacements are guaranteed within 2 hours, but generally happen between 5 and 20 minutes.

Should Solasus not be able to provide the services guaranteed by this SLA,

the following service credits will be issued:

  • 1 or More Hours Downtime = 1 Day Credit
  • 4 or More Hours Downtime = 1 Week Credit

To be eligible for SLA related credits, please open a case through your online account manager and provide details of the situation. A case must be opened within 30 calendar days after the reported problem, otherwise an SLA credit cannot be issued.