Webmaster Services

The problem: Most companies hire a single individual to maintain their website and online presence. While most ‘webmasters’ may specialize in one or two areas, they are quite often not prepared, nor have the training or experience to deal with all the requirements of their employer.

Solasus' Total Solution is designed for companies that would like to have a fulltime ‘webmaster’ but do not have the resources and/or have not been able to find suitable talent to meet their demands. Solasus has devised a system which utilizes its extensive network of resources and offers an incredible value to the client.

Not only will you benefit from substantial savings but you will also benefit from a combined skill-set of some of the industries top professionals. Additionally, because our team is located throughout the globe, this allows us to have virtually (and quite literally) a 24 hour workday. The end result is that your projects are completed in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Whether your company does not yet have a website or has an established internet presence, it’s never too late to start with Solasus' Total Solution. Our contracts are month-to-month and can be entered or canceled at anytime. Typical plans can range from $500 - $15,000 per month depending on the time required and what type of services are needed.

Contact us today to schedule an interview and receive a custom quote based on your organization’s specific needs.